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STATS Race Lens Introduction - 9/6/2016
Q&A from the Webinar. Questions from participants are in black, responses from the STATS Race Lens team are in red.
Agre Louis How do you add angles that are not listed like track conditions
Answer If a specific criteria is not available, send email to statsfeedback@equibase.com and we will consider it. It must be something included in the past performances or race conditions.
Ali Aksoy Why don’t you have closing odds data for previous races instead of morning line odds which are totally subjective?
Ali Aksoy I meant you cannot create an angle using past track closing odds
Bob Wothe I'm in full agreement on the odds for previous races -- are we missing that somewhere?
Bob Wothe Can we use those closing odds as angles in some fashion? Ha yes, what Ali said.
Ellis Starr A horse's final odds (for their last race and their second race back) are available as a criteria in the angles creation or editing process.
Walt Nelson Is there a forum or Facebook Private Group for subscribers to share their use of the software?
Chris Dawahare Walt, there is nothing like this available currently, but we are planning to set up a forum in the future.
Alex Castillo replays still a bit choppy also fonts are very small can we adjust
frank baker Font is much too small
Alex Castillo Frank on some tablets one can adjust the fonts
Randall Coeshott I wish there was a way to increase the font size of the PPs, it’s hard to read them on the site
Chris Dawahare Alex Castillo a major set of updates designed to improve PP readability and customize font sizes, zoom, etc. should go into production next Monday
suz jack Why can’t you go back and archive PP's?
Answer suz jack, pps you purchase are available going back two calendar days within Race Lens. During that time, using the Print button will generate a pdf file you can archive.
william lindes love formulator, but as handicapper, always looking for products to improve my ROI
Alex Castillo I currently use formulator and timeform US, a lot of info in these pps
Answer Hopefully you will find that STATS Race Lens offers the same core features as competitive offerings, with the added benefits of Angles, Alerts, Back-Testing, Customizable PPs, and True Odds.
Tom Pendergast When you do a back test, can you see how successful the angle was/were?
Ellis Starr Tom Pendergast, anytime you run a back test the result will display in a couple of minutes. It will show win, place and show %, ROI and Success score.
Walt Nelson When we do a backtest - can we see the individual race results that went into the calculation of the %Win, etc?
Chris Dawahare Walt Nelson, unfortunately that feature is not currently a part of the product.
Ellis Starr Walt Nelson, displaying the individual results for an angle is something we considered but because of the amount of data involved it would not be a good user experience. In some cases it could be thousands of lines. However, as technology improves we're hopeful it can be considered down the road.
Kevin Carpenter Can you create an angle specific to a track?
Answer By default an angle considers all tracks, but you can tailor any angle to a particular track or circuit as there is a list of tracks and circuits available within the angles module.
Larry Simpson How can an angle have 15% win, 15% place and only 11% show. The show angle should be higher!
Answer Although it is unlikely, it is not impossible particularly if there are a small number of races in the result of an angle back test.
Sean Berger Other questions: for workouts, anyway can specific criteria to show if a gap exists in workout pattern, or of a horse has a 5f work that is faster by 1 second vs rest of the field, and also if it was a gate work
Answer By selecting "no workout" as a criteria for an angle, you can find out if there is a gap between the race day and the last week, two weeks, last month and last 60 days.
Sean Berger Would love it also if your software could track 2nd time gelding ie put in criteria of if ran as a 1st time gelding (everyone has this on pps) and didn’t win and now runs as a 2nd time out gelding. Would love if your software tracked this.
Kevin Carpenter Was just typing the 2nd time gelding thing! We need to be able to add that.
Answer We will make a note of that. Please send any suggestions for criteria for angles to statsfeedback@equibase.com.
Gary Ettl_1 What is the number to the right of the odds
Alex Castillo Garry track variant also it has the track bias and the path if outside/inside was good or bad
Answer Correct, to the right of the weight and medication, both the off odds and track variant are displayed. The latter is just to the left of the first horse in the company line.
gene todaro Projected ratings rank on past performances does not include final pace number - why? first and middle projections are shown.
Answer Having a final figure (late pace) is in the works.
baba bowie chris if I buy this for one year does that include the trackmaster template and equi template at no charge
Chris Dawahare Yes subscriptions include unlimited access to every product feature including every template included out of the box.
Alan Boyd_1 Very powerful tool. Wish this amateur horse player had the time to use it to its full potential.
Answer You can start by using it just as you do your current past performance product, using the included angles and other features. Then you can build on that by creating your own angles to get use of the potential of the product.
Walt Nelson I see an export function at the race level...any other export options?
Answer You can export an XML file of the day's races. You can also save any pp PDF file you create.
william lindes Do you have stats/angle for first time geldings?
Ellis Starr William lindes, there is a criteria you can select in angles for first time gelding.
Joel Dusenbury Isn't the number you just pointed to between the weight and order of finish that you called the track variant really the closing price the horse went off at.
Ellis Starr Joel Dusenbury, to the right of the weight and medication, both the off odds and track variant are displayed. The latter is just to the left of the first horse in the company line.
gene todaro chris dawahare - where is the final projected rating in the past performance area. You have the first and middle pace projections only
Ellis Starr gene todaro, having a final figure (late pace) is in the works.
gene todaro thanks Ellis - important feature especially with turf races
suz jack it would be nice to go back a couple months to check the pps to see if you can find some angles at certain tracks
Ellis Starr suz jack, the back testing functionality does all the work for you as it checks the database for that angle over the last 12 months.
Tom Pendergast Can all features be used with monthly subscription? Can angles be used with monthly subscription?
Ellis Starr Tom - monthly subscribers (and onward) have access to all features including angles.
Larry Simpson Love it but the biggest issue that it doesn't take into account is you have to be a core bettor. Problem is that all of racing is tring to bring in new people, and lower the age demographic and this system does not do that. It does not engage the newcomer
Chris Dawahare Larry the feature Dave is talking about now is catered to the novice user
Larry Simpson I realize that. but the problem is this is too above the head of the novice
Ellis Starr Larry when you consider this program helps with cherry picking choice betting opportunities at every track it can easily pay for itself.
Randall Coeshott I disagree, someone could just look at the true odds information and decide to place a wager simply because the true odds supports a wager
Joel Dusenbury What are the fund odds?
Howard Nelson Your screen shows a column called Fund Odds. I do not show that column on my monthly subscription. What is that?
Ellis Starr Howard nelson, click on the display setting button and turn the fundamental odds switch on. It is off by default.
Ellis Starr Joel Dusenbury - Fund odds stands for Fundamental Odds. Those are the odds based on the Stats analytics. True odds are the Fundamental Odds adjusted by morning line or live odds.
Gary Ettl_1 can you talk more about adj true odds
Ellis Starr Gary, adjusted true odds are the True Odds when adjusted by the user. Using the "Adjusted Win Probability Factors" button, you can add more weight (or take away weight) on certain factors and when you apply those changes the adjusted true odds changed.
Walt Nelson Ellis - thanks - it was mostly to see if a result was statistically significant or not, but you have your score that indicates how significant the results are - I'm a professional statistician - so I would be happy to see a standard deviation and such. ;-)
Earl Schmidt I'm looking for long shots all the time. How can this help me?
Ellis Starr Earl - one thing I do is I look at angles that have near 0% ROI over the past year. That means within that group are some nice paying winners. So when a horse with that angle shows up on the home screen or pps I can analyze whether that horse has the possibility to be one of those longshots.
gene todaro ellis - will you have some sort of cheet sheet or user guide that would help navigate the many features as Dave Siegel is pointing out
Ellis Starr Gene, there's so much here what I encourage you to do is click on every button and link and hover over everything (nearly everything has an explanation) to get a feel for all the features. Additionally, the videos cover a lot. There are 13 in all.
Walt Nelson Howard _ nice last name BTW - you can show the Fund Odds by clicking a setting in preferences.
Joel Dusenbury Both work on a smart phone except for the PP's.
Answer PPs will display on a phone but as you can imagine with all the data you need to zoom in to read some of the information
richard carretta Does true odds module use an angle to arrive at probability or a summation of PP factors for the race?
Ellis Starr Richard Carretta - The True odds calculations don't rely on angles at this time. This is something we may be looking at for future editions.
Kevin Carpenter The fact that you get PP's, it works on phones and is great on Tablets, It’s got some timeform properties and Formulator the pricing really is a steal!
Answer We’re glad you’re enjoying the product thus far. Look for several exciting new features to be released in the coming weeks!
Ali Aksoy Can I build my custom true odds? Because in some races since the software considers all tracks true odds are ridiculously off.
Ellis Starr Ali, the adjustments a user can make to true odds can be made by virtue of the sliders. Other than that there is no way to program your own true odds.
Tom Pendergast Does race lens detect track bias?
Answer There is no real time track bias detection. Some of the PP templates (as previously discussed) have bias information in the running lines.
Agre Louis The one problem I had was when I wanted to go from PPs in one race back to all races at a track I had to go back to the homepage. Is there a way around this?
Answer At this time the only way to go from one track to another is to go back to the home screen.
Ronnie Hosein How many PP templates can a player create?
Answer There is no limit to the number of templates a user can create.
Joel Dusenbury The tutorials were a challenge when accessed from Race Lens. When accessed from the advertisements for the product the tutorials are different and better.
Ellis Starr Joel, please send your feedback about the difference in your experience viewing tutorials to statsfeedback@equibase.com
dan virgil it does not save the modifications after you make adjusttment the factors that is
Ellis Starr Dan, please let us know what factors aren't being saved.
michael smith_1 When track showing speed bias, weighting would be awesome tool in adj True Odds
Answer Unfortunately, there is no real time track bias detection.
dan virgil What is an adw ?
Jon Passman ADW = Advanced Deposit Wagering
Joel Dusenbury Places like TVG are ADW's.
Tom Pendergast Where can I see what the letters represent on the track bias? (r, n)
Ellis Starr Tom, there should be a hover over on those bias letters. I will look into this.
Tom Pendergast yes, Ellis, I see r which may be rail or n which may be none for example
Alex Castillo tom if you look far right on your pps it will read f/r n/n shows the track bias and the path
Alex Castillo tom f+ favored strong front runners c+ favored closers strongly
Ellis Starr Tom send email to statsfeedback@equibase.com and I'll send you a link
dan virgil When you adjust prob factors, and move on to the next race or another track, then come back to track and race later , it always doesn't save the adjusted prob factor for that race.
Answer Correct, to some extent. Changes made to win probability settings save on race level. When you come back to that race they are always there. They do not save across races or across tracks. Also, if you are looking at the race of the day, you can make changes but they are
Robert Permut please notify all who are on-line as to when the "true odds" stand-alone product becomes available.
Chris Dawahare Robert Permut - Stand alone version of True Odds should be available by the end of this month.
dan virgil Adj odds are not coming up until m/l odds are listed.
Answer Fundamental Odds, True Odds and Adjusted True Odds display for all upcoming races whether morning line odds are available or not. True Odds and Adjusted True Odds will change once morning line odds are available. If you note an issue with this please email statsfeedback@equibase.com
dan virgil i have a suggestion for sorting, across multiple tracks, to list a horse that has 40% or greater win percentage
Ellis Starr Dan, would love to hear your suggestion. Please send to statsfeedback@equibase.com
Ellis Starr All-please feel free to send questions and feedback, suggestions, to statsfeedback@equibase.com