Press Release



Equibase Company today announced that tracks will be able to tailor the fan friendly race pages included in their live race programs specifically to meet the needs of their market, beginning April 1.

"The fan friendly race pages continue to evolve through input from our partner racetracks who know what works best in their individual racing market," said Hank Zeitlin, Equibase executive vice president, sales and marketing. "Giving tracks more control over the content and design of their fan friendly race pages is another important step towards helping them develop and expand their fan base."

In designing their fan friendly race pages, tracks can select from a wide variety of easy-to-understand handicapping data, including a number of bar graphs based on the AXCIS TrackMaster speed and pace ratings recently integrated into Equibase® past performances. Regardless of which value-added information tracks choose to include in their fan friendly race pages, race fans of all handicapping abilities will be able to better analyze the chances of all runners regardless of race type.

"One of the most important features of the fan friendly product is its adaptability to all types of races, including maiden races," he said. "Unfortunately when first time starters comprise a majority of the field, an information void exists that can depress handle. The fan friendly race pages offer statistics pertinent to first time starters that provide patrons with the information necessary to wager more confidently."