Press Release


April 28, 2000


In its ongoing commitment to enhance the information content on, Equibase Company today announced the availability of SpeedGraph and ClassGraph supplements to the online fan friendly race programs, which now include AXCIS TrackMaster pace ratings in the past performance line.

"These supplements provide additional visual analyses of fundamental handicapping elements and are ideal complements to any past performance product," said Hank Zeitlin, Equibase executive vice president, sales and marketing. "From the novice fan seeking additional easy-to-understand information to the more serious player looking for that extra bit of information before making a wager, the supplements visually provide a whole new way to analyze AXCIS TrackMaster speed, pace and class ratings."

The SpeedGraph supplement offers a visual analysis of each horse's speed and pace ratings across nine different categories, including the average rating for starts at this track and at this distance, so that users can gain a better understanding of each horse's capabilities.

The ClassGraph supplement provides a visual depiction of the speed, pace and class ratings earned by each horse in its previous six races so that users can easily identify trends in a horse's recent races from one comprehensive graph. Pertinent information such as finish position, race distance and surface type of those six races is also provided.

The SpeedGraph and ClassGraph supplements contain pie charts that provide insight into past winners of similar races. In addition, the ClassGraph contains two bar graphs that highlight the effectiveness of the jockey-trainer combination.

Both supplements are available through the racing information area of, which features a refreshed look and three distinct sections that easily guide users to their information of interest: Upcoming Races, where all pre-race information can be found; Race Results, where all post race information is located; and Other Products, which contains more general information.