Press Release


Contact: Jim Vanderbosch (650/947-9020 x117)


TrackMaster, a leading provider of electronic handicapping information for Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses, today announced two new products and one product upgrade. These new offerings further improve TrackMaster’s already extensive product line for harness racing.

TrackMaster is now offering a PDF version of its FlashNet for Harness Racing product. This new version sports an easy-to-use summary cover page highlighting key statistics from every race on the card, including power ratings. Also, new driver and trainer stats have been added. Most valuable of all, the new PDF version is easier to read and requires less paper than the HTML version.

TrackMaster has also completely redesigned its existing HTML version of FlashNet for Harness Racing. Like the new PDF version, new statistics have been added and the functionality of the offering improved.

Finally, TrackMaster announced the availability of its new Harness Charts product. These comma-delimited files are perfect for the sophisticated handicapper that wants to build models or otherwise systematically analyze historic races. The files can be used in spreadsheets, databases or other programming applications and include details not found elsewhere including track variants, speed figures for every horse, class ratings, pace ratings, comments and final odds. As with all TrackMaster products, the charts can be downloaded from the web site, or ordered in bulk by phone at 800-334-3800.

"I'm quite happy to announce the availability of these exciting products to the harness racing fan. We continue to strive to improve the state of the Standardbred industry. Harness racing data products have all too long lagged behind those available for the thoroughbred industry. Now, basic and premium products are available to the harness player that equal or exceed those that are available to the thoroughbred enthusiast," explained David Siegel, TrackMaster's President. "Our goal at TrackMaster continues to be to provide the best possible product, at fair prices for the customer. We believe we've achieved this goal with these new offerings"

TrackMaster is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equibase Company LLC. Equibase Company LLC is a partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America (TRA) and serves as the Thoroughbred industry's Official database for racing information and statistics.