Press Release


Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Mountain View, California - TrackMaster, a leading provider of electronic handicapping and past performance information, today announced the release of a new handicapping report called the TrackMaster Performance Cycles.

The TrackMaster Performance Cycles provide a clear, concise, graphic look at the history of a horse's performances, as well as supplying insights into how well a horse may perform on a given day. It includes 12-month and four-year graphs presented in a quick and easy-to-use visual format, greatly aiding handicappers in assessing a horse's chances.

Also included is a convenient cover sheet that serves as a quick reference source. TrackMaster Performance Cycles are available for virtually all Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse races run in North America.

“We’re very excited about the release of this product,” said David Siegel, president of TrackMaster. “While we’ve heard a lot about other ‘sheets’ type products, we felt we could improve on the format, and provide our customers with a better report at a lower cost and I think we’ve done that.”

“By analyzing Quarter Horses as well as Thoroughbreds and adding a predictive feature to the reports,” he added, “we’ve created a unique product in the market for serious handicappers and ‘weekend warriors’ alike."

TrackMaster, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equibase Company LLC, provides a full range of handicapping products for the three major racing breeds - Thoroughbred, American Quarter Horse and Standardbred. Equibase Company LLC is a partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America (TRA) and serves as the Thoroughbred industry's Official database for racing information and statistics.