MPH Pro is one of the friendliest, and most accurate velocity pace handicapping programs ever. It is based on Tom Brohamer's best-selling book, Modern Pace Handicapping, published in 1991 by William Morrow & Company and thought by many to be the premier book on pace handicapping. This web-based software automates many tedious manual calculations and reports for evaluating pace that advanced players previously undertook by hand.

MPH Pro features the following handicapping information:

  • Rankings Grid
  • Projections Grid (projected times and fractions)
  • Velocity Grid (feet per second ratings)
  • TrackMaster Past Performances

We also offer a video tutorial here


MPH Pro is designed to work in all major web browsers (Internet Explorer versions 9+, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and is tablet friendly. Additionally, this product is also available in a special version on our mobile web site which is designed to work on all Android or iOS devices.

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