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Comma-Delimited Glossary

TrackMaster Charts: Field Layout for Comma Delimited Charts

File naming convention: trkYYYYMMDDitch.csv

trk = Track Code
YYYYMMDD = Numeric Year, Month and Date
i = Omitted if Day Card, "e" if Evening Card
tch = TrackMaster Chart Product Indicator
csv = Comma Delimited Format Indicator

The Comma Delimited files have a "multi-record" format, one record type for the RACE Information and the other for the Chart Line or HORSE Information. The definitions of the fields and their types are described at the end of this document.

Each "RACE" Record begins with an "R" in the first field and preceeds the horse related information in the file Each "HORSE" Record begins with an "H" and follows the race line information

Structure for table: Race Record Number in ( ) after 'Type' is maximum width of field. Number after comma, if any, is number of decimal places.

# Type Example

FIELD1 Char(1) R=Race H=Horse Line
FIELD2 Char(2) Race Breed Type
FIELD3 Char(3) 3 Char Track Code
FIELD5 Num(2) Race Number
FIELD6 Char(1) D=Day Card E=Evening
FIELD7 Char(25) Race Type
FIELD8 Num(10) Purse Value
FIELD9 Char(128) Race Text(1)
FIELD10 Char(128) Race Text(2)
FIELD11 Char(128) Race Text(3)
FIELD12 Char(128) Race Text(4)
FIELD13 Char(12) Abbrev. Conditions
FIELD14 Num(6) Distance
FIELD15 Char(1) Distance Unit
FIELD16 Char(1) A= About Distance
FIELD17 Char(1) Surface
FIELD18 Num(3) Class Rating
FIELD19 Char(2) Track Condition
FIELD20 Char(10) Weather
FIELD21 Char(10) Start (Post who broke)
FIELD22 Char(8) Post Time
FIELD23 Num(3) Daily Track Variant
FIELD24 Char(8) First Fraction Time
FIELD25 Char(8) Second Fraction Time
FIELD26 Char(8) Third Fraction Time
FIELD27 Char(8) Fourth Fraction Time
FIELD28 Char(8) Fifth Fraction Time
FIELD29 Char(8) Winning Time
FIELD30 Num(4) Lead 1st Call Pace
FIELD31 Num(4) Lead 2nd Call Pace
FIELD32 Num(4) Winners Speed Rating
FIELD33 Char(8) Par Time
FIELD34 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD35 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD36 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD37 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD38 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD39 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD40 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD41 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD42 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD43 Num(12) Purse Split
FIELD44 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD45 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD46 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD47 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD48 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD49 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD50 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD51 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD52 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD53 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD54 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD55 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD56 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD57 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD58 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD59 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD60 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD61 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD62 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD63 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD64 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD65 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD66 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD67 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD68 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD69 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD70 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD71 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD72 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD73 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD74 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD75 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD76 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD77 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD78 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD79 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD80 Char(15) Exotic Wager
FIELD81 Char(12) Exotic Paid Numbers
FIELD82 Num(12) Exotic Pay Out
FIELD83 Num(12) Exotic Wager Pool
FIELD84 Char(128) Claims(Horse;$;Owner;)
FIELD85 Char(2) Wind Direction
FIELD86 Num(2) Wind Speed

Structure for Chart Line Record
FIELD1 Char(1) R=Race H=Horse Line
FIELD2 Char(3) 3 Char Track Code
FIELD4 Num(2) Race Number
FIELD5 Char(1) D=Day Card E=Evening
FIELD6 Char(20) Last Race
FIELD7 Char(2) Breed Type
FIELD8 Char(25) Horse Name
FIELD9 Num(3) Horse Weight
FIELD10 Num(2) Horse Age
FIELD11 Char(1) Sex (M,C,F,G,H)
FIELD12 Char(7) Med / Equip
FIELD13 Char(30) Jockey Name
FIELD14 Num(7,2) Odds / $
FIELD15 Char(3) Program #
FIELD16 Num(2) Post Position
FIELD17 Num(12) Claim Value
FIELD18 Num(4) Start Call
FIELD19 Num(4) 1st Call Position
FIELD20 Num(6,2) 1st Call Lengths
FIELD21 Num(4) 2nd Call Position
FIELD22 Num(6,2) 2nd Call Lengths
FIELD23 Num(4) 3rd Call Position
FIELD24 Num(6,2) 3rd Call Lengths
FIELD25 Num(4) 4th Call Position
FIELD26 Num(6,2) 4th Call Lengths
FIELD27 Num(4) Stretch Call Position
FIELD28 Num(6,2) Stretch Call Lengths
FIELD29 Num(4) Original Finish
FIELD30 Num(6,2) Lengths Behind Leader
FIELD31 Num(4) Official Finish
FIELD32 Num(7,4) Individual Horse Time(QH Only)
FIELD33 Num(3) Speed Rating
FIELD34 Char(30) Trainer
FIELD35 Char(30) Owner
FIELD36 Char(128) Race Comments
FIELD37 Char(128) Winners Information
FIELD38 Num(7,2) Pay Win
FIELD39 Num(7,2) Pay Place
FIELD40 Num(7,2) Pay Show
FIELD41 Num(7,2) Pay Show(DeadHeat)

This field layout and the field contents are copyrighted by TrackMaster Information Network Inc. This designed is owned by TrackMaster and may not be reprinted, distributed or incorporated into any other usage unless given expressed permission in writing by TrackMaster, an Equibase Company

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