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What Is TrackMaster™ Flashnet?

Trackmaster FlashNet® gives you the Equibase® Speed and Pace Figure, plus the Equibase Class Rating and the TrackMaster® Power Rating for each horse in the race, compares wins to starts ratios for each horse, analyzes the win/show/place percentages for the trainer/jockey combination, compares key sire performance statistics and more. Trackmaster FlashNet® is the quick way to compare all the important figures you need at a glance.

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Features include:

Top Contenders
  three best horses in four key categories isolated in each race.
Summary of Recent Races
  key information from the last three races.
TrackMaster Power Rating
  an indicator of a horse's potential profitability.
Program Information
  post, program number, morning line odds & wagers.
Trainer Records
  key statistics in various different categories.
Class Ratings
  a way of judging the class of today's race to see if a horse fits.
Speed Ratings
  how fast a horse has been running in its recent races.
Pace Style
  average running position of a horse at different points of call.
Jockey and Trainer Records
  how the jockey and trainer perform together
Sire Performance
  key statistics in various different categories.