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What is EquiGraphix?

TrackMaster EquiGraphix is the exciting new visual handicapping tool that makes handicapping the races a breeze. The powerful information contained in EquiGraphix is presented in a simple format and allows you to access important data quickly and easily. Pace analysis, handicapping angles, speed figure patterns and much more are all contained in the utility. Once you use this product you’ll never want to go back to strictly traditional handicapping again. A race card contains all the information for one day's races at one track. Individual races on the card can be opened by either clicking on the specific row from the race list located on the initial opening screen or by choosing the race from the permanent sliding menu located at the top of every screen. Once inside a race, the category menu bar shows all the different sections of handicapping information you can navigate to.
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How EquiGraphix Works

When you download a race card for EquiGraphix, the following categories of information are available to explore:

The Race List contains full past performances and an overview of all the races on today's card. Download your complete past performances with full running lines in pdf format at no extra charge from the Races & PPs page.

The BubbleCapper is a graphical representation of the pace scenario at different stages of the race. It is a powerful weapon to use to determine how a race may play out and contains crucial information to help you quickly make wagering decisions regarding a race. It is comprised of three different graphs that represent the projected positioning of each horse in the early, middle and final stages of a race. Four different components of each horse are represented by a bubble displayed in each graph: the value on the y-axis, the value on the x-axis, the size of the bubble and the color of the bubble (bubble color is the same on all three graphs).

The Signals grid displays icons representing relevant information about each horse for today’s race. Green signals are positive aspects, yellow signals highlight notable information, and red signals are warning sings. The Signals Grid is a very useful tool to quickly view “angles” regarding each entrant. Note: Users can change icons to check marks through settings.

Speed/Class Graphs allow you to view the latest Equibase Speed Figures (Q Speed Figures for races in yards) and Class Ratings for an individual horse, or to view the horses’ last five Equibase Speed Figures (Q Speed Figures for races in yards) together on a single graph.

View a pie chart or bar graph of the cumulative stats for this race by trainer, jockey, sire or dam. A proprietary algorithm is used to analyze relevant player (trainer, jockey, sire, or dam) statistics for today’s race to compare players against one another. The algorithm takes into account win percentages, return on investment, and sample size to determine the calculated percentages. Percentages are based on relevant statistics for today’s start, such as distance/surface, distance change, trainer/jockey combo, etc.

Enter your comments for horses in the Notes section. When "noted" horses race in the future, previous notes will be accessible. Notes are saved through your TrackMaster account. You may have up to ten saved notes for each horse.