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Thorograph Form Ratings

Form Ratings & Race Shapes are produced by Thoro-Graph™ and are available only on

Thoro-Graph™ Form Ratings

Thoro-Graph™ Form Ratings provide an easy to use evaluation of the current form of horses competing against each other by creating a single rating for each horse. Thoro-Graph™ Form Ratings are based on Thoro-Graph™ Performance Figures, which take into account weight carried, ground loss, effect of wind on the final time, and track speed to provide an overall measure of ability shown by each horse in a race.

Thoro-Graph™ Performance Figures are calculated by using the time of the race, beaten lengths, ground lost or saved, weight carried, and the effect wind may or may not have had on the time of the race. The final figure is manually adjusted with a carefully crafted track variant. Thoro-Graph™ Form Ratings are computer-generated evaluations of horses’ form, based on their most recent Performance Figures earned over the same or similar surfaces.

In using the Thoro-Graph™ Form Ratings, it is useful to look at not only who the highest-rated horse is, but the spread between the contenders, to see how competitive the race is. Sometimes the highest-rated horse is not the favorite, and sometimes a longshot is rated near the top, and worth backing.

Thoro-Graph™ Form Ratings now come with Thoro-Graph™ Race Shapes

Thoro-Graph™ Race Shapes takes the first quarter mile run by every horse in their recent races, and adjusted each horse’s time for track speed, wind, weight, carried, and ground loss, if any. The data is then gathered for all the horses running on a race card, and further adjust those times based on the recent speed of the track they are running over in today's races. The resulting adjusted quarter times give the handicapper the ability to form an idea of the early speed of each horse, and the early pace of each race.

Then, using each horse’s last three adjusted times, an average quarter mile time for each horse is determined, and put on a graph for each race. The result is what a Race Shape—a rough evaluation of where each horse figures to be after a quarter mile. This enables the handicapper to evaluate how a race will set up.