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Adam Kitchingman

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Top Thoroughbreds for 2018

Horse Sex Earnings Best Win (Race Class) Best Win (Race Name)
Chief Hosa Gelding $45,705 N/A N/A
Greyvitos Colt $10,000 N/A N/A
Scathing Mare $3,440 N/A N/A
Swiss Skimmer Mare $3,200 N/A N/A
Knowitallhousewife Filly $1,740 N/A N/A
Saint Dermot Gelding $1,200 N/A N/A
Rate for Me Gelding $1,035 N/A N/A
Jack and I Gelding $690 N/A N/A
Gosofar Gelding $345 N/A N/A
Princess Fran Filly $345 N/A N/A
Garrulous Gal Filly $345 N/A N/A