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FONNER PARK Late Changes
Fonner Park
Last Updated: May 3, 05:35 PM ET

Current Track Conditions  Dirt: Fast
Scheduled First Post: 1:30 PM CT

Race PGM Horse Changes Time Posted
2 4   Cuvee's Clever   Scratched - Veterinarian 12:51 PM ET   
6 8   Troubled Crossing   Scratched - Veterinarian 12:51 PM ET   
9 4   Toc This Way   Scratched - Stewards 12:51 PM ET   
6 6   G Rae   Scratched - Reason Unavailable 4:47 PM ET   
6   Scratch Reason - Reason Unavailable changed to Veterinarian 4:47 PM ET   
8 9   Our Splurge   Jockey - Jordan K. Olesiak changed to Jeramie Fennell 5:35 PM ET   

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