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Today's Scratches & Program Changes


Last Updated: July 6, 5:12 PM ET

Current Track Conditions:
Dirt: Fast
Scheduled First Post: 1:15 PM MT

Race: 1 Changes Time Posted
#2  Wisewood Bobbie  Jockey - Tyler Walker changed to Vincent Alvin Palmer 3:14 PM ET   
Race: 2 Changes Time Posted
#3  Klassy Kokomo  Jockey - Ruben Saenz changed to Alfredo J. Bautista 3:14 PM ET   
Race: 4 Changes Time Posted
#1  A J's Dream  Scratched - Veterinarian 3:25 PM ET   
#2  Tocutetotwotime  Jockey - Blandford Stewart changed to Ramiro Sanchez Castillo 4:39 PM ET   
Race: 5 Changes Time Posted
#8  Sizzling Music  Scratched - Stewards 5:12 PM ET   
Race: 6 Changes Time Posted
#3  Checkered Cab  Jockey - Jose O. Rocha changed to Larris Allen 3:14 PM ET   
#5  Let It Be Now  Scratched - Stewards 3:25 PM ET   
Race: 7 Changes Time Posted
#2  Northern Rascal  Jockey - Ruben Saenz changed to Ramiro Sanchez Castillo 3:14 PM ET   

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