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Daily Racing Form Editions

Daily Racing Form Editions are produced by Daily Racing Form and are sold on They include past performances with last 10 races and Beyer speed figures, graded entries, a list of the track records for every distance run at the selected track. Most Editions will also include analysis and selections, provided this information is supplied by Daily Racing Form. Trouble with downloading the Daily Racing Form Editions. Ensure that there is a check mark beside each track that you're purchasing before pressing the "build edition" button. Each Edition purchase must be for a single date only. Ensure that your browser version is the latest available and that it is Javascript-enabled. Ensure that your browser is set to refresh every time you visit a page. If you are still encountering difficulties, please e-mail us at

Downloadable Full Charts

Downloadable Full Charts are machine-readable format results for use in spreadsheets, databases and programming. These results are designed for use in any software program and come in CSV and XML format. Equibase does not provide charts for use in any proprietary format (such as Formulator). These charts are available for 45 days after the race. If you need older charts, please visit

Equibase® Basic PP Programs

Get more information on the Equibase® Basic PP Program here.

Basic PP Programs are $1.50 per card or by subscription (see price information).

Basic PP Programs are not archived and are not available after that day's racing.

The "early" Race Programs are built from the "overnight" file which comes in between 48 and 72 hours before the first race. The "final" Basic PP Programs are generally posted no later than mid-afternoon before the race date. Keep in mind that tracks on the West Coast will normally be three hours behind the East Coast so that will delay their filing of the information accordingly.

Basic PP Programs (early) will not include Morning Line Odds or Program Numbers. For more information on these differences, please click here.

If you bought the Basic PP Program marked as (early), you will not need to re-purchase this Program to see the final version. Simply go to our site and click on 'previous purchases' from the upper right hand corner of any page. Your Basic PP Program will remain available until it's expiration date (72 hrs after the race date).

Basic PP Programs are provided for all types of races including Thoroughbred, Arabian, and Quarter Horse.

Equibase Speed Figures

The Equibase® Speed Figure tells you how fast a horse has been running in its past races with a single number. Its sophisticated algorithms are based on the horse's actual time in combination with other factors, such as the condition of the track. A horse running in stakes company might earn a 90 speed figure, while a horse running in a claiming race might earn a 60. The Equibase® Speed Figure has been equalized for different tracks, distances and conditions, therefore an 80 at Laurel Race Course is the same as an 80 at Philadelphia Park.


Entries are a free product of Equibase and appears in two different formats. The "early entry" file arrives between 72 and 48 hours before the first race and contains the horse, age, sex, weight carried, jockey and the race conditions. The "final" file arrives between 48 and 24 hours before the first race and contains all the above information plus program numbers and morning line odds.

Expert Selections

Expert Selections are a product of TrackMaster®. The selections are developed on behalf of TrackMaster by professional handicappers, who are bringing the highest quality selections and analysis of races to you at an affordable price.These handicappers are experienced in the area of the country they handicap, enabling them to maintain consistent standards of effective and profitable handicapping. The information contained within each selection product varies, but most include the top three selections for each race on the card from tracks currently conducting a live meeting, plus some narrative on how they anticipate each race to unfold. Selection prices vary. You can find out more about the selections by visiting here.

Trackmaster FlashNet®

See more information about FlashNet® Click here.

FlashNet is $1.50 per card or by subscription (see price information).

FlashNet® are built from the final entry information.The "final" file comes in between 48 and 24 hours before the first race.

Full Charts

Full charts are the complete results for the day's racing.These are available here.

Older full charts are available in our Historical Charts area.

Full charts are available within 40 minutes of the race being declared official. Occasionally there is a delay, either in the declaration or the reporting of the full results. Equibase makes all results available within minutes of receiving the information.

If the final result for a result is very late, you should also check our cancellations page to see if racing was cancelled for the day.

Informacion en Espanol

Equibase Spanish Language Race Programs and El Groupo Hernandez Selections are available in a Spanish Products location,Informacion En Espanol. By registering or logging on in Spanish, users can view some purchase pages in Spanish to assist with their purchase process.

Harness Information

Harness Information available on includes harness entries, expert selections, TrackMaster® Platinum PP's, TrackMaster® PP's and TrackMaster Flashnet® .

Harness entries are free and available here.

Expert Selections for Harness were developed by professional harness handicappers, resulting in the highest quality selections and analysis of races at an affordable price. The information contained within each selection product varies, but most include the top three selections for each race on the card from tracks currently conducting a live meeting, plus some narrative on how they anticipate each race to unfold.Prices vary for these selections. You can find more inforamation about the selections here.

TrackMaster Platinum PP's for Harness Racing is the most complete past performance on the market for handicapping harness racing.The TrackMaster® Platinum PP data gives you a full day's racing card from your favorite track, including all past performance related information, and other user features to make your handicapping faster and easier. Find out more about the Platinum PP's here.

TrackMaster® PP's for Harness Racing is the ultimate in "traditional" past performance harness racing handicapping information. Find out more about TrackMaster PP's here.

TrackMaster FlashNet® gives you the Class and Speed Ratings along with the Pace Style for each horse, analyzes the win/show/place percentages for the trainer/driver combination, compares key sire performance statistics and more. FlashNet® is the quick way to compare all the important figures you need at a glance.Find out more about TrackMaster FlashNet® here.

Horse Search

Search for information on your favorite horses. Horse search provides links to current entries, workouts and results including links to free charts and race replays. It also provides the summary race record and links to equineline® products, including a free five-cross pedigree and an enhanced premium edited pedigree. Horses with race dates prior to 1991 may have limited data available. Horses that are currently active include a link to add the horse to your Virtual Stable®.

In-Today List

The In-Today List is a race-by-race listing of all horses, jockeys and trainers competing at any track on any particular day. You can search by track or day. From this page you can access PP's available to purchase for this track and date.The In-Today List is a free product of Equibase.

Jockey/Trainer Search

Search for information on your favorite jockeys and trainers.Jockey/Trainer search provides links to current entries and results and includes current year and lifetime statistics along with links to free charts and race replays. Jockeys and Trainers with race dates prior to 1991 may have limited data available. Currently active jockeys and trainers include link to add the jockey or trainer to your Virtual Stable®.

Lifetime Past Performances by Horse

Lifetime Past Performances by Horse is a full past performance for an individual horse produced by

Included in this report is traditional PP information such as: date, track, race type, distance, split times, points of call with margins, Equibase speed figures, comments, top three finishers, auction sales data and more. Lifetime Past Performances by Horse are $8. To see more detail on this product click here.

Meet Statistics

The Meet Statistics by Track is a free product that provides a track's current standings by wins for jockeys and trainers in several different categories, including all races, for sprint and route races, and for dirt and turf courses. Meet Statistics are free but will require registration with You can register free by clicking here.

Mobile Access

Equibase mobile can be accessed with any internet-enabled wireless device and has been optimized for iPhone and Android users. There's nothing to sign up for or order and best of all, it's FREE. mobile offers:
Results (including pdf charts and video replays for iPhone/Android users)
Late Scratches & Changes
Top Carryovers

Please note that while mobile is free, your wireless provider may charge you for used air time. If you have questions about any air time charges, you'll want to contact your wireless provider.

If you have problems reaching on your wireless device, please email us at

Also, iPhone and Android owners can download the FREE Racing Yearbook App. See more here.

Pedigree Products

Pedigree products include the free 5x pedigree along with Enhanced Premium Edited Pedigrees produced by Equineline. You can purchase pedigree products by searching on the horse you want via the horse search in the upper right corner of any page or see the by horse products in our handicapper's store here.Looking for additional pedigree type products? You can visit their Equineline's site at:

Performance Cycles

Performance Cycles are a sophisticated handicapping tool which provide a clear, concise, graphic look at the history of a horse's performances, as well as supplying insights regarding how well the horse should perform today. To see more detail on this product click here. Performance Cycles are $10 per card or by subscription(see price information). Performance Cycles are not archived and are not available after that day's racing.Performance Cycles are built from the final entry information. The "final" file comes in between 48 and 24 hours before the first race.

Performance Cycles Lite

TrackMaster® Performance Cycles Lite is designed as a quick reference tool that provides insights regarding how well a horse should perform today To see more detail on this product click here. Performance Cycles Lite product is $4 per card or by subscription(see price information).

Previously Purchased Products

To access products which you have purchased within the last two weeks, click the 'My Purchases' in the upper right corner of the page.This will take you to your previously purchased products page and will show you all products you have purchased in the last two weeks. Your most recent purchase will be on top. Products can be accessed until the expiration date (12am EST) listed beside the product. After the expiration date they become inaccessible.

Race Dates

Race Dates lists of when each track is conducting their live race meets. The Race Dates page is a free service of Equibase.


This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. uses 128-bit encryption for all secure links, which adheres to Federal and International guidelines for secure server transactions.

Results Ticker™

What is the Results Ticker™? This product allows you to keep a constantly updated "ticker" on your desktop, keeping you up to date on the latest race results.The Results Ticker™ is a free product from Equibase and is available here.

Stats Central

Stats Central provides current and prior year's statistics back to 2000 along with all time leaders and leaders by track in a searchable and sortable format. Stats Central also provides links to profiles for horses, jockeys and trainers.

Summary Results

Summary Results are a brief recap of what happened in the race, including the first three finishers with payoffs. Summary Results are generally available within 20 minutes of the race being declared official. We do not archive Summary Results but they are available free for 30 days after the race.There is no charge for Summary Results.

Today's Scratches & Program Changes

These are program amendments include race cancellations, current weather conditions, course changes (including temp rail), trainer changes, wager cancellations, distance changes, track conditions, scratches (including reason) and jockey changes.

Top Carryovers

Top carryovers is a current list of all carryover pools from around the country.From this page, you can purchase the program for the next day of racing from that track.

TrackMaster™ Products

The only complete source for Thoroughbred,Quarter Horse & Harness Racing Information for all levels of handicapping sophistication! For more information on available TrackMaster™ Products, please visit our handicapper's store here or their website at

Video Race Replays

Video Race Replays are powered by and are available from most tracks in North America.They are available to access on their own or from links within many products on, just look for the Video Camera icon! Subscriptions are available from as little as $5.25 and are available here. These videos require that you have Flash or Microsoft Windows Media File Software available through the ordering menu pages.

Virtual Stable

What is Virtual Stable®? Virtual Stable® is a FREE service that lets you track your favorite horses, jockeys, trainers, leading contenders in a race series or carryovers. The service then notifies you via e-mail when there is official activity.Virtual Stable® eliminates all the work normally associated with tracking your favorite horses, trainers and jockeys so that you never again miss a wagering opportunity. The service also provides quick links to handicapping information so that you're just a click away from workouts, race programs, race replays, results charts and more. Race series notifications also include an upcoming televised race schedule. You can find Virtual Stable®here.


Workouts are the official timed works of horses, including the distance that was covered and a description of how the horse worked.
Workout information is provided by the individual tracks and training centers and made available free of charge by Equibase.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is the most widely used software program for displaying printable pages on the internet.Created by Adobe, the Acrobat Reader is available free of charge here. Acrobat Reader is designed for products which will be printed and maintains a consistent look to the printed page regardless of the type of printer used by the individual person. You can get this program free here. For problems downloading or opening Adobe Acrobat, click here for troubleshooting instructions from Adobe.


For advertising inquiries, please e-mail

Availability of information

Early entry information is normally available 72 to 48 hours before the post time for the first race, depending on the track's draw schedule.Final entry information and Programs are normally available from 48 to 24 hours before the first post time depending on the track's schedule. Quick Results are normally available 5 minutes after the race is declared official.Full Charts are available 40 minutes after the race is declared official. If the results are not posted, you may want to check our cancellations page to see if the race was cancelled or declared a no contest.If information is not available, please keep in mind that these are estimations and that occasionally tracks have delays in submitting information and occasionally information is delayed by Equibase by quality control issues. Additionally, please keep in mind that the hours that information is received may be affected by the fact that the tracks use local time for submission of data and not EST.

Downloading Problems

Problems with downloads are normally a problem either with the initial download of the Adobe Acrobat program or with configuration problems between Adobe Acrobat and the individual computer. Troubleshooting should begin with ensuring that Adobe Acrobat is correctly installed. You can test to see if Adobe Acrobat is working properly by viewing our sample program.If you could not view the sample program you will need to reinstall Adobe Acrobat. Please visit to re-download the program. Follow all Adobe instructions on the download process. Then try downloading the Equibase product again. If you are still encountering difficulty, try right-clicking on the download hyperlink and save the file to your computer (remember where you saved it!). Then, from your computer desktop, open the Adobe Acrobat program and open the file that is saved on your computer. If at this time you are still encountering difficulty, please check the Adobe Acrobat for system requirements here and the FAQ for troubleshooting guidelines. If you are still encountering difficulty, please contact us at

Information on individual horses

You can get information on individual horses from our Horse Search available from the top of any page on here.

Information on individual jockeys

You can get notified when a jockey enters a race or has a result by adding that jockey to your Virtual Stable or find racing information by using the jockey search at the top of any page. For more information on an individual jockey you may want to visit or

Information on individual trainers

You can get notified when a trainer enters a horse in a race or has a result by adding that trainer to your Virtual Stable or find racing information by using the trainer search at the top of any page.

Incomplete information on the pages

If races are missing, please check our cancellations page to see if they were cancelled.If old information is posted, please make sure your browser is set to refresh with every page view or hit "refresh" or ctr-l "refresh" on your browser to make sure you have the most recent information. AOL users may need to contact AOL due to the fact that AOL maintains a server cache which may interfere with updating the information.If you are still seeing outdated information or missing races, please contact us at

Log in trouble

If you input your customer id and password and get the message that your login was successful but are continuously returned to the login page, your browser is not accepting cookies. Your browser must accept cookies to access any restricted part of the site. For assistance in making changes to your cookie/security settings we recommend contacting your internet service provider.If you input your customer id and password and get the message that your id or password is incorrect make sure you are using the correct id and password. Remember that only your logon id and password will be accepted. Logon ids for Virtual Stable®, the Daily Racing Form, Equineline or BRIS will not work.If you believe you have typed in the correct logon id and password but continue to have trouble, please email us at

Ordering Questions

You may purchase on using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover on-line to make purchases. At this time Equibase only accepts payment with a credit card.Currently the only method of payment is online. All purchases are deducted individually at the time of the transaction or, if you qualify, you may be charged monthly for your purchases.


Lost your password? For making purchases on, you can get your password by clicking on the following link: follow the instructions on the page and it will be sent to the email address you registered with.To Login again, please click here.If you have lost your password and login ID, please contact us with your full name and street address at so that we can better assist you.Need your Virtual Stable® logon id or password? Remember that, by default, your logon id and password is your email address. Make sure that when you input your email address that you do not include the 'www' prefix and you must include the '@' symbol, your ISP's name and the .com, .org or other extension such as If you have tried your email address and are still having trouble, contact us at

Printing Problems

Problems with printing the Equibase® Basic PP Program, Equibase® Premium PP Program SpeedGraph™ ClassGraph™, FlashNet, Daily Racing Form Editions (PP's Only), F.A.S.T. Sheets, Performance Cycles and Full/Historical Charts:
These products will require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to print properly. If you have not upgraded your Acrobat Reader recently and are having printing problems, you may want to visit the Adobe site to download the latest version. Adobe Acrobat is available here.

Problems with purchasing

The most frequent problem encountered with purchasing Equibase products is failure to set the browser to refresh for each page view. Please ensure that your browser is set to refresh upon every page view. Additionally, please ensure that your browser is Javascript-enabled. For guidance in changing your browser settings, please contact your ISP. If you are still encountering problems, please contact us at


Registration is free and easy. After joining, you are under no obligation to purchase anyhing. You may register by clicking here. Registration with is separate from Virtual Stable® so if you would like to set up your own Virtual Stable ®, click here.

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us. The e-mail address is

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