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Supplemental Race Pages


Equibase Company's supplemental race pages are camera-ready programs, available in two formats, which serve both the novice and more seasoned handicapper by coupling past performances with innovative analyses.

The supplemental race pages complement the past performances by combining basic race information such as program numbers and morning line odds with value-added information such as jockey and trainer win percentages and easy-to-understand bar charts that depict horse performance.

The standard format features one page of information for each race on the card, with tracks selecting six information blocks to include on the page. The available information blocks include a payoff grid and morning line selections as well as a number of bar charts specific to jockey and trainer performance and speed and pace figure analysis.

The print-friendly version condenses the information so as to fit on a total of three pages for most race cards. This format features a race class rating and three bar charts automatically determined by the type of race.

To learn how your track can enhance its live race program at no charge through inclusion of supplemental race pages, contact Equibase sales manager Victor Espinosa at (800) 333-2211 or (859) 224-2860.