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Horses - Notification options include a once-daily digest or:

  • Early and Final Entries
  • Race Day Reminders
  • Workouts
  • Results

  • Jockeys - A once-daily digest notification with entries and results for your favorite jockeys.

    Race Series - A once-daily digest e-mail notification containing information on the top contenders for each division of the Breeders' Cup World Championships and Triple Crown, including:
  • Workouts
  • Entries and Results
  • Upcoming Televised Race Schedule
  • Active Links to Official Race Programs, Charts and More!

  • Trainers - A once-daily digest notification with entries and results for your favorite trainers.

    Tracks - Notification options include:
  • Daily Results & Activity - A once daily digest includes results and all daily activity
  • Early Entries
  • Final Entries
  • Workouts
  • Cancellations

  • Stakes - A once-daily digest notification for stakes races. Available for Thoroughbred races for Grade I, all graded stakes and all stakes races. Available for Quarter Horse races for Grade I, all graded stakes and all stakes races with or without trial information.

    Carryovers - A once-daily digest notification. Receive all carryover notices or limit your notices by carryover amount.

    Using Virtual Stable

    Buying Products -

    Registration with Virtual Stable® does not include registration with equibase.com. If you would like to make a purchase of any product offered through Virtual Stable®, you will need to register with equibase.com.

    Changing your email address -

    Use the Administration drop down box in the upper right corner of any of the Virtual Stable pages and choose 'Change My Email Address'. Fill in your new email address. An email will be sent to your old (previous) email address. You will need to open that email and click the link provided in order to activate the email address change. If you no longer have access to your old email address, just send a message to feedback@equibase.com. Make sure you send us the old address along with the new email address and we'll make this change for you. Click here to email us now.

    Deleting Your Stable-

    To delete your stable, from any Virtual Stable page, under the Administation drop down, click on 'Delete My Stable'. Then click the 'yes' button. This will permanently delete your stable and cannot be restored so make sure you want to take this step before deleting.

    Email Frequency -

    Horse and Track notices are available as 'immediate' notice or as a once-daily 'digest' versions.

    Jockey, Trainer, Stakes, Carryover and Race Series notifications are available as digest version only.

    Please note:

    Horse Race Day nofifications are only sent as direct email.

    Logon Id -

    Your logon id must always be your email address for Virtual Stable. Your Virtual Stable Id will not be the same as your equibase.com purchase account Id.

    Not Receiving Notices -

    The most common problems associated with failure to receive notices are:

    Wrong horse in the stable - Many horses share a name and are differentiated only by year of birth, country of birth, or breed. If you are not receiving notices for a particular horse, we highly recommend deleting the horse in your stable and then re-adding it using the sex, foaling date, breed and country information to help you add the right horse into your stable.

    Wrong email address registered - Some users have registered using incorrect or fake email addresses or have changed their address since registering with us. Notices can only be sent to functioning accounts so make sure you register with your correct email address. If you're concerned that there may be an incorrect address listed for you, please contact us at feedback@equibase.com to ensure we have the correct information on file.

    Your email provider may be running a filter on your mail box - Some email and service providers use certain mailing characteristics to determine if a server is sending legitimate email or is sending unsolicited mail (SPAM). These are automated systems and occasionally they make mistakes. If you have not been receiving any notices from Virtual Stable®, you can contact us at feedback@equibase.com to verify that we have been sending email to your address. If we have been doing so and you have not been receiving them, we will recommend that you contact your email or internet service provider to determine whether they are filtering out Virtual Stable®notices.

    AOL Users -

    Please note that a few America Online users occasionally experience problems receiving their Virtual Stable® notifications. AOL recommends the following:

    1) Add virtualstable@equibase.com to your personal address book

    2) Check your personal email setting to make sure they are not setup to block email from Virtual Stable®

    If you have questions about changing your mailbox settings, please contact AOL directly. If you would like to verify that we are sending emails to your address, please feel free to contact us at feedback@equibase.com.

    Password -

    By default, when you begin your stable, your password is your email address. If you would like to change your password, use the Administrator dropdown from the Virtual Stable site. If you encounter problems, you may also contact us here.

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