Price: Price Varies

Price: Price Varies

RDSS - Racing Decision Support System™ is the Modern Sartin Methodology and it's available NOW to the general public. Many people know something about the Sartin Methodology from early 90's classics like Brohamer's Modern Pace Handicapping or Pace Makes the Race, but many more do not know how far beyond these initial ideas he progressed.

RDSS is based on a full-race analysis of the horse's velocity, pace and incremental energy disbursement and deceleration. It embodies the principles of the Matchup: how the horses will compete against each other in today's race, given their herd positional tendencies and their innate "energy" abilities, together with the specific demands of today's track, distance and surface. For a quick overview click here.

RDSS is comprised of three key components:

Software - Professionally designed application, free 30 day evaluation.
Support - Annual license fee gives you direct support from RDSS developer Ted Craven and any upgrades at no charge.
Data - A TrackMaster subscription to "fuel" the RDSS "engine" is required, guaranteed you will like it or your money back (within 30 days).

RDSS features the following handicapping information:

  • Bottom line/Betting line Odds Line and contender ranking. (reviewed by Mark Cramer)
  • Early vs Late energy analysis and detailed pace and final time compounded velocity figures, variant adjusted.
  • Automated race card downloader and export module for sending decision modelling data to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Live connection to the toteboard.
  • A colorful, intuitive user-interface, plus much, much more!

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