Yesterday's Thoro-Graph Reports



Thoro-Graph™ Performance Figures take into account weight, ground loss, effect of wind on the time of the race, and track speed.

Thoro-Graph™ Form Ratings are computer-generated evaluations of horses’ form, based on their most recent Performance Figures earned over the same or similar surfaces. The Form Ratings do not take into consideration layoffs or trainer changes. They are simply an overall measure of ability shown recently under similar circumstances and are adjusted for today’s post positions.

In using the ratings, it is useful to look at not only who the highest-rated horse is, but the spread between the contenders, to see how competitive the race is. Sometimes the highest-rated horse is not the favorite, and sometimes a longshot is rated near the top, and worth backing.

The ratings are expressed in pounds, and are already adjusted for the weight assigned at time of entry.

If a jockey does not make the weight, simply SUBTRACT the number of pounds of overweight from the horse’s rating.

Races with only slow horses may be adjusted upwards by 30 points - indicated below each race

For grass races, in case of rain, Main Track ratings are also shown

For horses where there is limited usable data the ratings are marked with a ’?’

Where ratings include performances from more than six months ago the ratings are marked with a ’~’

Ratings less than zero are indicated by an ’X’

Horses for whom there is insufficient data to form a rating are indicated by ’-’ A length @ 6f = 4lbs, @ 1M = 3lbs, @ 1 1/2M = 2lbs

Now includes Race Shapes!